Jason Eustice is a singer/songwriter living in Hendersonville, TN. His music is a reflection of his personality sometimes soft and heartfelt, sometimes sharp and well humored, usually soulful, a contradiction of both pure strength and thoughtful indecision. Jason instinctively creates his melodies and rhythms solely from deep within. At the core of each of his songs is his distinctively unique yet powerful voice. To hear Jason tell his story, it all started with his father’s dream of being a country music star. When his father’s dream abruptly came to an end in May of 1972, three months after he was born, it was destined that the torch was to pass on to his son. Jason remembers. “I was a shy little kid. Heck, when I was 5 years old, my mom would play the piano for some friends and family, and I would go into the other room and sing--so afraid to be seen singing in front of anybody--well, look at me now!” Brought up listening to artists such as Kenny Rogers, Alabama, Ronnie Milsap, Def Leppard, Richard Marx, and countless others, Jason has developed a style all his own a unique blend of country & pop/rock infused with soulful vocals, hooky melodies, and on-the-edge lyrics. Classically voice-trained at Clarion University for two years, Jason began singing in show-choirs, college chorus and also started to write his own songs. After college, Jason worked at a car dealership, saving money away for the soon to be big-move to Nashville Tennessee one year later. While in Nashville, Jason performed at many different clubs and writers nights, sang several professional demos and began collaborating with other songwriters. In the fall of 2004, Jason attended the auditions for Nashville Star, a country music talent contest seen on the USA Network. In 2006 and 2008, Jason entered the Annual COLGATE COUNTRY SHOWDOWN National Contest, where he won the State Finals both years and placed in the top 5 at the Regional Level. Also in 2008, Jason had his first song published with his first album cut on Richie McDonald, of Lonestar’s, Christian Album…a song entitled, “Hold on to Faith”. Music and talent runs heavy through Jason’s entire family. Aside from all of Jason’s brothers and sisters mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts having their own bands and/or being multi-musically talented in one facet or the other, one of his nephews, Chris Kirkpatrick, has come about his own success in music as well. Jason's nephew is a member of the pop group, *NSYNC--a multi-million, multi-platinum record selling group and a current member of NIGELS 11. From this admired success one can definitely say that, there must be something in the family blood! Jason is doing business as JTUNESMUSIC (SESAC) Entertainment which consists of the following: Demo Singer; Wedding Singer and Wedding DJ; Acoustic Act & Vocalist AND, Signed Staff Writer--newly employed by Demolition Music Publishing. More to come from this SNIFTY little guy!