Jon D’Agostino stepped foot in Nashville in 2004 for the first time as a tourist and instantly fell in love with the town and its songwriting community. He was born and raised in New York City with the best of all music being played in the home. “The music of the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s was truly shaped me with influences ranging from Sinatra to The Beatles , The Eagles, Motown, Billy Joel, Springsteen, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, and of course the singer songwriters like Chapin, Croce, James Taylor. The list goes on and on. In fact it was Billy Joel who said there are two kinds of music – the kind that sounds good and the kind that doesn’t. If it sounds good I like it and don’t care what you call it!” Jon currently lives minutes from the Jersey shore and spends one week each month at his home and office in Nashville. He is the president of D’Agostino and Associates, a law firm he started over 26 years ago and started Demolition Music Publishing with two missions: 1) To help songwriters gain access to a publisher on music row and 2) to bring substance back to commercial country radio. According to Jon, “There’s nothing wrong with a song with a great groove that’s filled with ear candy, but when the majority of hits start sounding the same, and I’m changing stations because of it, I believe there’s a problem. Our writers are encouraged NOT to write hits, but to take chances and write outside the box, left of center, tell interesting stories, but try to make it appeal to the masses. It’s a challenge for sure but we’re not looking for cookie cutter songs about clichés we’re hearing 24/7 these days.” So why the “Demolition” name? Simple. Jon explains “My father, Anthony D’Agostino, was a bulldozer operator, who at the age of 27, lost his leg in an accident and went on, with the use of a prosthetic, to build and run a successful construction company. I lost him in 2001, but the Demolition name & brand is a tribute to him.” Demolition’s team of writers is diverse, experienced, hardworking and determined to write the hits of tomorrow. Similarly, their team of song pluggers and consultants have the feet on the street, getting the Demolition songs to the ears of the country music decision makers and helping Demolition to build a brand and reputation to last for a long time. Yes, Demolition is a young publishing company but in just over two years, it has already secured over 100 cuts!!!


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