Jon was born in Queens, New York, grew up in Staten Island, and married his high school sweetheart. He graduated from Brooklyn Law School, and started one of the largest Injury Law firms in the NY/NJ area. In 2004, following his passion for songwriting, Jon began making trips to Nashville, TN. These trips lead to many songwriting awards, songs recorded by indie and major artists around the world as well as songs placed in TV and Film. In 2014, Jon decided to start his own Publishing Company and Demolition Music Publishing was born. He signed his first two writers and set up shop on Music Row. His focus remains on songs of substance. “I grew up in a house that listened to everything from Sinatra, The Beatles, classic rock, Motown, singer songwriters and anything that sounded “great.” The songs that always made me want to listen again and again are always the ones that have something to say. I don’t care what the genre is. As a publisher, I’m looking to find and pitch songs that matter. As a writer, I’m still looking to be known as the guy who wrote “THAT song,” the one everyone knows when you mention the title because it matters. While I’ll always be a songwriter at heart, my mission is to make Demolition Music a successful worldwide publishing company. We continue to sign amazing writers and artists and are writing the hits of the future. We all believe in each other and we all believe that talent, hard work, passion and persistence equals success.”