"Remember that kid that you hear about, the one that grew up in a music school, racing from room to room, banging on instruments, making the conservatory his playground? I am that kid." Michael August grew up within the wood-laden walls of his family's music school in New Jersey. "My grandpop started me on the violin when I was three and I began playing the piano at five. First song written? That would have been fifth grade. It was great until I hit high school and rebelled. You know how most kids pick up the guitar in high school to rebel? I put mine down and picked up a hockey stick. That only lasted a few years until my friends and I, all jocks, were recruited by the choral director to populate the chorus and the school play, in the hopes of raising their cool factor. That was all it took and I found my way back to my heart and my self...singing, performing, writing and haven't stopped since." August is an energetic, powerful, and infectious songwriter and performer. His music has generated a buzz on Radio, TV and on live stages across the United States. As an independent touring artist, August released 4 independent albums and sold over 10,000 CD’s and Mp3’s. He has played countless sold-out shows at venues like the World Café Live in Philadelphia, The Bitter End in NYC, Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and many college campuses along the East Coast and Midwest. "Flash forward and here I am in Music City... Nashville, TN!! I'm writing music with incredible hit makers and working with a dream team at Demolition Music Publishing." Stay tuned!

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